Concealed pocket sliding doors

The name Novista is derived from the Italian for No Vista or No View, which perfectly describes this pocket sliding door system as when the door leaf is opened it disappears completely. These pocket sliding door systems are an ideal space saver as the door leaf opens into the wall cavity, leaving the wall and the area around the door clear. The Novista Architrave Free pocket sliding door system is sleek and elegant and has no visible jambs or architraves. When the door leaf is opened it disappears completely into the wall cavity.


With this system, the bottom of the aluminium top hanging track is mounted flush with the ceiling, which can then run uninterrupted from room to room, allowing one large space to be created when the door is open.

In wall

With this system, the top hanging track is mounted within the wall above the door and the plasterboard profile that is supplied ensures that this is
completely hidden.


This system is suitable for 8, 10 or 12mm thick glass doors either mounted within the wall or full height.


The aluminium track is mounted within a timber beam and this, together with the nylon wheels, ensures silent operation.


The Novista sliding door system is also available with telescopic doors for installation where there is either not enough adjacent wall space for the full width single door or where both double doors are required to open into one wall. The In Wall and Infinite systems are available with this option and the doors open simultaneously, utilising either a carry bar or belted mechanism.

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Choice of features allowing you to customise pocket sliding systems to best suit your project. Accessories available in brass, stainless teel, polished or satin finishes and door leafs available in primed, painted, laminated or veneered...

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