Smart NFC electronic locking solutions

As a pioneer in the field of contactless Near Field Communication (NFC) electronic hardware, Gantner offer smart locks that can be incorporated into any locker system. Part of the Salto Group and with 40 years of experience, Gantner is a reputable and renowned brand name. Cutting-edge electronic lock for all locker types and cabinets, suitable for every industry. Whether you want to use RFID or NFC tokens, locks with pin pads or smartphone operated locks, Gantner has the electronic lock for you. Durable, secure lockers in simple and stylish designs.

Battery-operated locks

Battery-operated locks are the ideal solution for small to medium-sized facilities offering benefits of security, easy retrofitting and smart operation using an RFID data carrier, PIN code or smartphone (if desired, integrated into a customer specific app). GAT ECO.Lock is an entry-level battery-operated lock. It works by simply pressing an NFC credential to the reader field to open or close. Users can quickly see via the lock’s button position if a locker is free or in-use. It is easy and affordable to retrofit, as fastening screws are identical to the dimensions of most or coin locks. GAT ECO.Side Lock is the world’s first battery-operated lock to include alarm function, complete in-locker mounting, and up to 10 year battery life. The lock is vandal-proof as there are no external door parts.

Networked locker

Gantner’s networked locker lock is easy to use, easy to manage and operates with different credentials or even pre-existing staff-ID cards. There is an option of app-based operation of the locks via smartphone. A web-based locker management software offers real-time audit trial, utilisation reports and the possibility to assign lockers from mobile devices. The networked lock system is hardwired, does not use batteries. It is operated either directly at the locker, at a central terminal, or a combination of the two. It streamlines locker management, reduces operational costs.

Central locker

Centralised system is the ideal solution for parcel stations and storage spaces. Gantner combines contactless solutions and barcodes, so you can integrate your contactless solution to an existing third-party solution using a central reader and centralised locks for your lockers.

With an NFC-enabled smartphone and NFC reader located wherever you want, which provides an easy and convenient way to immediately store belongings at a centrally located locker system. This centralised locker system allows operators to use storage space efficiently, with low costs and enhanced customer service experience.

Management software

GAT Relaxx is a powerful software used for the management of the GAT NET.Lock 7000 and GAT.SMART.Lock 7001 systems. Smart features include remote locker control, viewing status of lockers, occupancy monitoring (real-time and occupancy rate over selected time), ability to configure lockers for multiple modes – free, personal and shared, lockers can be made freely available to all users with a valid ID credential, as well as the ability to integrate with third party management software, like building access control or locker rental software.

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