Managing door entry efficiently

Smart door entry solutions allow you to acknowledge a visitor present at the entrance point(s) and granting them access into the building in a matter of a click. Standard door entry systems include three simple components: external panel, door control unit and internal monitor. Door entry systems can provide a great addition to an existing access control system, setup as an integrated system or be used as a standalone solution

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Standard audio intercom

Standard audio & camera intercoms can be available with selected number of station audio channels (e.g., 3 station audio channels/buttons pictured here). Each station channel is linked to a different department within the building. All intercom panels are IPX5 rated, making them suitable for external use in all weather conditions.

Audio/keypad intercom

Standard audio & keypad intercoms allow entry by typing the correct credential(s) via keypad or calling the operator via audio feature to request entry. Simple lock release facility, door monitoring via audio and authorised individuals can enter independently with correct credentials.

Smart touch-screen intercom

Smart, colour touch-screen intercom panels are embedded with a pan/tilt camera functionality, RFID reader and reads MIFARE/fob tokens and can support face recognition too. These smart intercom panels can be embedded into an exterior fitout design to suit your design requirements.

Seamless communication flow

Intercoms connected with telephone handsets set-up across flat corridors, various office departments or hotel receptions - we have simple to sophisticated solutions available to suit various budgets and requirements.

Bespoke intercoms

Door entry intercom system can be fitted with bespoke panel designs and finishes, pictured here is an intercom panel with a bespoke bronze panel to match the building’s interiors

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