Concealed Timber Doorsets

The name 'Novista' is derived from a blend of English and Italian, meaning 'no view' and this perfectly describes this door system with a hidden frame that conceals the door into the wall with no unsightly architraves.

The Novista Doorset system has an aluminium frame that is completely invisible when the door is in the closed position, and the frame can be mounted into a block or stud wall that is either single or double boarded.

Options are available for single and double doors opening both inwards and outwards, with the door leaf mounted flush with the wall in both instances. The door leaf is hung on concealed hinges and a magnetic latch is used, which means that there are no hinge knuckles or strike plates protruding from the frame.

Door opening

The TUT and TUS doorset systems both have a frame that is embedded into the wall with the reveal plastered and this becomes invisible when the door is closed.

The TUT doorset system is generally used on the majority of doors that either open into or out of a room. The TUS system however can be used if there is a requirement for a door opening into a room to have the leaf flush with the outside wall.

Supplied as a complete doorset

The Novista doorsets are supplied as a complete doorset including 44mm solid core door leaf which is available either 2040mm, 2400mm or 2700mm high and 726mm, 826mm or 926mm wide with bespoke sizes also available to order. The door leaf is hung on concealed hinges which have three way adjustments and this enables a consistent gap to be achieved between the leaf and the frame. The door is secured closed using a magnetic latch, bathroom lock or euro profile lock and these will work in conjunction with any of our lever handle sets which are available in a wide range of finishes.

TFN & TL shadow gap profiles

When a shadow gap around the door frame is required both the TFN or TL profiles can be supplied with our doorsets and these eliminate the need for architraves. The profiles have a unique snap in plastering mesh which is covered using either plaster skim or filler and this ensures that no cracks appear between the wall and the frame. The size of the shadow gap can be varied between 3 and 15mm using different thickness of frame packers and the system is suitable for single or double boarded walls.

Flushing skirting system

The flush skirting system compliments the Novista Doorsets and is available with connectors allowing it to be integrated with both the TUT and TUS door frames. The profile is suitable for a 60x8mm skirting board however this can be raised if a higher one is required and this can be installed onto either stud or block walls. A range of connectors are available for both internal and external corners and also for stairs.


The door leaf is available in a range of attractive finishes including real wood veneers, laminate, primed or pre-finished veneered options include: crown or quarter cut / grooves or horizontal metal strips / horizontal or vertical / vision panel or fully glazed / inlays / laminated door leaves are available in a wide variety of colours, or timber laminate patterns and these can be supplied with concealed or exposed lippings. The primed doors leafs can be pained on site and the pre-finished ones are available factory painted to any RAL colour.

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