Novista Doorsets

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The name Novista is derived from a blend of English and Italian, meaning ‘no view’ and this perfectly describes this door system with a hidden frame that conceals the door into the wall with no unsightly architraves.


The Novista Doorset system has an aluminium frame that is completely invisible when the door is in the closed position, and the frame can be mounted into a block or stud wall that is either single or double boarded.

Options are available for single and double doors opening both inwards and outwards, with the door leaf mounted flush with the wall in both instances. The door leaf is hung on concealed hinges and a magnetic latch is used, which means that there are no hinge knuckles or strike plates protruding from the frame.

A flush skirting system is also available, and this can be integrated with both the inward and outward opening door frames.

The Novista Doorsets have been fire tested to FD30 for a single open inward door, and both a single and double outward opening door.

The Novista Doorset frame is supplied with a mesh that connects onto the frame, and this is covered using either plaster skim or filler, and prevents cracks from forming.

Novista Riser Doorsets also available