Novista Sliding Doorsets

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The name Novista is derived from the Italian for No Vista or No View, which perfectly describes this pocket sliding door system as when the door leaf is opened it disappears completely.


These pocket sliding door systems are an ideal space saver as the door leaf opens into the wall cavity, leaving the wall and the area around the door clear.

Full height or Infinite installations are possible with either a timber or glass door in either single or double boarded walls between 95mm and 125mm thick, with a clear opening size of up to 3000mm high and 3000mm wide.

The door stop post has integral seals and can be mounted either into the adjacent parallel wall or into one running horizontally to maximise space.



With this system, the bottom of the aluminium top hanging track is mounted flush with the ceiling, which can then run uninterrupted from room to room, allowing one large space to be created when the door is open.

In Wall


With this system the top hanging track is mounted within the wall above the door and the plasterboard profile that is supplied ensure that this is completely hidden.




The Novista sliding door system is also available with telescopic doors for installation where there is either not enough adjacent wall space for the full width single door or where both double doors are required to open into one wall.



The Novista sliding door system is available with a glass door leaf in either the Wall or Infinite configuration.



Novista Doorsets also available