Novista Steel Risers

Novista Steel Riser doors are based on a concealed frame concept and leads the Riser door market in offering 120-minute fire performance from both directions and 41dBRw acoustic ratings as standard. These enhanced performance properties of steel risers allow the risers to be used in high-performance areas of a building (core areas or lift lobbies etc.).

In an ideal situation, riser doors will rarely be used. The Novista Steel Doorset system is designed to be ‘lost’ in a core wall and to allow the designer more freedom to use the surface area. No need for the unsightly architraves used with traditional doors.

The other key part of the doorset is its face finish (as the riser is normally kept shut). Aspex UK have developed a market-leading primer, endorsed by major paint supplier’s, improving the robustness of the surface finish and enabling the adjoining wall finish to also be applied across the face of the riser door, be this emulsion or wallpaper. There is also the option of a full PPC finish to any RAL colour.


Industry-leading fire-guarding protection factory-fitted to Novista concealed riser frames. The dry intumescent seal expands behind the frame to seal tolerance gaps up to 15mm in event of fire, 50% greater than some other steel riser providers. Novista risers are tested from both directions of attack from fire.

Concealed flip lock

New concealed lock option available with Novista Riser Steel doors. New flush concealed lock hides the chosen lock mechanism behind a flush hinged pocket door. Novista Riser Steel doors are manufactured with a concealed/picture frame design made from 1.2mm steel, 3 or 4 sided frame options available. Smart, secure locking includes 3-point security lock as standard with a square key operation, and cylinder option available.

Wall types

The Novista Riser Steel doorsets have been successfully fire tested in various different flexible and rigid wall constructions and as a result they can be installed in blockwork, timber stud, metal stud or shaft walls appropriate to the required fire certification.

Perforated Frame

The Novista Riser system as standard has a frame with a perforated flange with an integral corner bead that sits on the face of the plasterboard or block wall, and this is then plastered or tape and jointed. The frame is manufactured from galvanised steel and this is supplied either factory painted or primed. It is important that the screws that pass through the flanges to fix the front of the frame into place locate into the stud or a solid structure. If this is not possible because the aperture has been lined with two or more layers of plasterboard, a wider flange can be provided.

Picture frame

The Novista Riser system is also available with a picture frame, and this can be used when the doorset is installed into a block wall or an existing opening.


The doors are locked using a three-point locking system that has top, bottom and side bolts operated by a square key. A europrofile cylinder can also be added to provide additional security. This can be integrated into a master key system if required. The inactive leaf of double doors is secured using top and bottom flush bolts mounted into the edge of the door leafs.


A unique feature of the Novista Riser Steel door frames is that they are supplied in kit form, which results in them being very easy to move around site and store. Door frames up to 2700mm wide are supplied in four sections, which can be assembled in a matter of minutes using our bespoke connecting system and, once completed, the frame is very rigid and ready for installation into the wall. Door frames that are wider than 2700mm are supplied with the bottom and top sections in two pieces to allow for easy transportation and movement on site, and these are fixed together using our simple jointing system.

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Once the frame is fitted into the structural opening, the Novista Riser Steel door leaf is hung on a bottom pivot, and at the top a sprung loaded pin locates into a hole in the frame head, making it easy to install, even if it is very tall. To remove the door leaf, the top pin is retracted and this can then be lifted off the bottom pivot.

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