How Salto works

Traditional systems require mains power and cabling to link them together which is expensive and generally results in only a few doors in a building being access controlled. The Salto system however uses a combination of stand alone battery powered handles sets and hard wired on-line wall readers which offers unrivalled flexibility and means that more doors within the building can be access controlled for a fraction of the cost.


The Salto system allows the access control system to grow within a building as standard key operated locks can easily be removed and replaced with a handle. The handle sets are available in a variety of finishes and are a far more attractive solution for providing access control as unlike traditional systems a green break glass, red break glass and push button are not required. This makes them ideal for use on student bedrooms, army barracks, offices, classrooms and hotel bedrooms.

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Salto Virtual Network (SVN)

Access at Online or Offline Points

The access control database is stored on a server or virtual server and linked to wall readers via the building’s data network. When a token (key card or fob) is presented to an online wall reader the door is #UN#LOCKed and at the same time any
new information from the database is written to the token and information from the token is collected and transferred to the database.

When the token is subsequently used on offline lever handle sets within the building relevant data is passed to the lock and the audit trail is passed to the token.

The system information is transferred onto the lever handle sets or offline wall readers each time the token is presented to it.

This means that there is a flow of information around the building and the tokens which are updated via the online readers transfer the current system information to the lever handle sets and off line wall readers.

Salto Wireless

Wireless real-time access control system

With this system a series of Gateways and Repeaters which are linked to the LAN network are installed and these form a wireless network within the building which means that you have real time communication with the handle sets.

This means that you are able to monitor the access control network, delete cards and download audit trail information all in real time.

This real time link between the PC and the handle sets means that the status of the door can be constantly monitored as can the remaining battery life of the handle sets.

Key management can also be resolved in real time as the handle sets receive cancelled key updates as soon as they are generated.

The Gateway’s and Repeater’s can manage several handle sets and minimising infrastructure costs and maximising flexibility.

This system therefore offers the benefits of an on-line access control system for a fraction of the cost meaning that more doors can be incorporated into the system.

Salto Mobile Solutions

Smartphone-based access control 

With this system a series of Gateways and Repeaters which are linked to the LAN network are installed and these form a wireless network within the building

Salto KS Keys as a Service

Control with convenience

The Salto KS system allows you to define who goes where and when in a building. Create user profiles, assign or block tags, define which doors they may enter on which days, at which times. All of this is possible from your mobile phone or computer.


  • Android & iOS compatible application
  • Messages & notifications to keep you updated
  • Bank level security