Securing healthcare facilities

We can help with smart access control solutions designed to support operating theatres, consulting rooms, pharmacies, cabinets to wards. We understand all of these spaces require different levels of security and accessibility setups. In healthcare, there is delicacy and vulnerability that must be protected. This is why robust and reliable security systems are important.

  • Hygienic no-touch access

    Hygienic no-touch, contactless and keyless access. Tight access control measures to protect patients, staff, volunteers, visitors and suppliers.

  • Shared working spaces

    Smart access control solutions available for shared working spaces. Example Salto’s XS4 Locker Lock can be fitted on shared cabinets, cupboards or lockers. This setup allows authorised access to shared working spaces. 

  • Flexible credential management

    Flexible credential management allows you to setup orchestrated access control to manage access control to specific areas of the healthcare facility, permit or limit access rights to certain rights to particular areas, at specific days and times.

  • Biometric security

    Biometric technology adds another level of security to access control systems. Where traditional cards and badges can be lost, damaged or stolen, whereas biometric data is unique to individuals and exceptionally difficult to clone.

Automated doors

Automatic doors improve accessibility and security, with automatic sliding doors complying with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA). Ideal contact-free door solutions for high traffic spaces like hospitals and GP surgeries where quiet operation is required. Automatic sliding and folding doors are ideal for when space is limited.

Interlocking doors

High-security interlocking doors increase security measures because the second door opens only when the first door is closed and dependent on if the person in transit has permission to pass through the second door too, checked via RFID/NFC cards/badges, biometrics etc. Interlocking doors are suited for healthcare facilities where security holds paramount importance..

Smart integrated systems

Integrate with existing CCTV, POS, alarm monitoring and other building security systems delivering centralised control on one platform. Integrated building systems allow emergency readiness so you can lockdown specific areas with real-time functionalities.

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