Secure entrance control

Automatic Systems protect and secure your pedestrian and vehicle entrances whilst optimising traffic flow. As world leaders with 50 years of experience, their specialist products guarantee performance, mechanical reliability, single-user detection, innovative style and throughput management.

All speed gate solutions Emergency Exit Certified EN13637 and CE certified.

First Lane speed gates

Offering high bi-directional, safe passage flow with high throughput allowing up to 60 users per minute. Its exclusive DIRAS detection system ensures precise user tracking for maximum safety and security. Two different passage widths available – 600mm and 900mm for people with reduced mobility, as well as designed to prevent finger entrapment. Dynamic and predictive algorithms ensuring top of the class performance for fraud detection, tailgating, piggybacking and trolleys etc. Choice of integration capabilities, including RFID, QRcode and barcode readers or biometric devices. Robust and stylish black painted steel exterior combined with the elegance of glass and dynamic lighting. European Standard Safety EN 16005 Compliant.

Ideal for schools, colleges, universities, offices, leisure centres and commercial buildings.

Slim Lane speed gates

With its fast opening/closing of swing doors (< 1 sec), SlimLane combines bidirectional flow of passage with high levels of security, optimising user and building security.

Its modularity allows a wide range of configurations, obstacle heights and passage widths. SlimLane can be combined with a fire alarm system, so when a fire alarm occurs then the obstacles automatically open to free the passage. It is also designed to prevent finger entrapment and other impacts. When a power outage occurs, or in case of emergency, the obstacles can be unlocked with a simple push to automatically open or there is an option for battery backup for automatic opening. Embedded with electro-mechanical locking to withstand forced entry attempted.

SlimLane can be integrated with authentication solutions including RFID, QR-code and barcode readers as well as biometric devices. An elegant design with brushed stainless-steel housing and several paint options available.

Smart Lane speed gates

SmartLane is designed with double retractable doors for fast opening of obstacles, opening/closing time is 0.7 seconds for standard or wide passageway lanes. SmartLane is offered with a built-in connection to Smart Touch and Smart & Slim; this enables maintenance interface accessible remotely, real-time lane status and its HDMI output shows occupancy levels of a controlled area. SmartLane is also designed with mechanical failsafe opening (no battery required) so obstacles automatically open to free the passage, this setup can be combined with a fire alarm system or when a power outage occurs. Audio and visual alarms to signal evacuation in progress. Audio alarm indicates unauthorised use to both the security personnel and the user, and there can be different alarms setup depending on the offence type.

Several finish options from stainless steel, painted stainless steel, bronze or gold finish. SmartLane is ideal for educational premises, offices and banks.

Vehicle barriers

Different types of vehicle barrier options available to suit specific requirements, from car parking and perimeter access, toll barriers, long-range and fenced barriers. Aspex offer supply and installation of a range of vehicle barrier options which can be integrated with our access control and intercom systems. Our systems can incorporate remote fobs or long-range proximity readers and integrate with our ANPR (vehicle number plate recognition).

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