Advanced, flexible and secure

Salto offers advanced, flexible and secure access control solutions for all types of industry applications. Solutions include stand-alone, cloud-based and mobile applications.

Traditional systems require mains power and cabling to link them together which is expensive and generally results in only a few doors in a building being access controlled. The Salto system however uses a combination of standalone battery powered handles sets and hard-wired online wall readers which offer unrivalled flexibility and means that more doors within the building can be access controlled for a fraction of the cost.

The Salto system allows the access control system to grow within a building as standard key operated lock can easily be removed and replaced with a handle set or a Geo cylinder.

The handle sets are available in a variety of finishes and are a far more attractive solution for providing access control as unlike traditional systems a green break glass, red break glass and push button is not required. This makes them ideal for use on student bedrooms, army barracks, offices, classrooms and hotel bedrooms.

XS4 Original

XS4 Original is a universally compatible advanced smart locking system. Simple to install and retro-fit. Standalone locks give you real-time access control for virtually all the doors in your building.

Aspex offer the full package from supply, installation and commissioning.

XS4 Mini

The XS4 Mini is simple to install using just two screws when installing on new or existing European DIN door standards. Wide range of handles, configurations and door retrofit cover plates to meet the installation needs.


Salto offers the perfect electronic cylinder to fit any door. The compact Salto electronic door lock cylinder is designed for doors where fitting an electronic lock is not possible or not required and can be installed on standard doors, server racks, gates, cabinets, electric switches, sliding doors and more. It’s available in an extensive range of models to suit almost any kind of door.

XS European Wall Reader

Salto wall reader facilitates the integration of the wall reader with almost any Salto interface to provide your facilities with a complete security solution.

Modern aesthetic design with green/red and blue clear LED colour optical signal. Weatherproof secure electronics potted enclosure.

Mullion Wall Reader

Salto slim wall reader for flush mounting has been specially designed to fit lifts, sliding doors or electronic gate doors that have a narrow profile frame, and where there is insufficient space to install a standard wall reader.

Lockers Lock

Salto XS4 Locker is a locker lock designed to bring all the advantages of access control to lockers and cabinets. The XS4 Locker is perfect for controlling access to lockers, cupboards, cabinets, boxes etc., where access control and full audit trial is required.


Salto Neoxx Padlock series offers a unique solution ideal for premises that require an additional level of security control specific doors like gates or storage, without losing convenience and control. Additional benefits allow the padlock to be operated with a mobile app and contactless smart keycard managed by an advanced web-based access control technology platform.

  • Seamless experience

    Flexible entry options to open locks via smartphones (iOS or Android), Tags, PIN code or remotely

  • Simple access control

    Students/Residents can use the same credential, including smartphone, to access bedroom/apartment, shared living spaces, elevators and parking

  • Sustainable living

    Leveraging with connected devices, sensors and cloud appliances, you can reduce energy consumption and deliver modern sustainable living

  • Smart efficiency

    Quickly resolve issues and manage access to multiple shared living space locations within one management platform

  • Automate daily functions

    Automate maintenance planning and daily logistics by scheduling locks for common areas to be common at specific hours for particular credentials

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