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Paxton offer powerful, easy-to-install and scalable solutions. Access control and security solutions designed for a wide range of sectors including education, healthcare, leisure, commercial and more. Excellent range of solutions from wireless door handles, readers and keypads, entry panels and monitors, cameras and more. Solutions available for both internal and external use. Paxton’s flexible approach allows you to integrate with other building systems, if required.

PaxLock Pro Series

PaxLock Pro is a new patented design created to be simple to install and intuitive to use. It can be used standalone or networked. Standalone for use on sites not requiring the additional functionality of an online system. With a flexible upgrade path from standalone to networked, you can grow your system to suit your needs. Networked solution provides the advantages of a wireless, networked access control system allowing PaxLock Pro to work with Net2 server PC using secure wireless technology and Paxton10 server using Bluetooth frequency.

Paxton10 Slimline Reader

Slimline Reader has been designed to blend seamlessly into any interior style whilst offering ultimate installation simplicity via its 5m/15ft encapsulated cable. The Slimline Reader still provides all the functions expected and required from a Paxton10 reader, supporting all leading tokens, including HID Prox, Mifare, Paxton and EM, as well as offering Bluetooth for communication with long range or hands-free credentials and mobile telephones via the Paxton app.

Compact proximity reader

Compact Proximity Readers are RFID devices that offer the convenience of contactless authentication for system users. All compacts are standalone, meaning that they do not use a PC in their setup. The Compact products are a control unit and reader in one; can be used for internal and external doors that need to have restricted access.

Compact TOUCHLOCK Keypad

The KP75 MIFARE keypad reader is a RFID/Keypad combinations device providing contactless authentication, with the choice of added security of PIN/Prox entry for system users. Available for use with Net2 systems, supplied with a sleek metal bezel. A token is simply read by holding it within closely proximity of the reader, without any touch required.

Net2 desktop reader

Net2 Desktop Reader is used for adding tokens to a Net2 System, designed to connect with a PC via USB. Available versions include proximity and magstripe, reads Net2 & MIFARE tokens. It is easy to use – simply add tokens quickly and accurately, easily find the owner of a lost token. Additional PCs can also have desktop readers for efficiency.

Net2Air Bridge

The Net2Air Bridge uses Paxton’s Net2Air wireless technology to communicate with the Net2 software. The Net2Air Bridge provides the wireless communication link between the PC running Net2 and wireless control units such as the Paxlock Pro or Net2 Nano. The Bridge uses a site’s LAN which means that multiple Net2Air Bridges can be placed around a site and linked back to the PC.

Mini Dome Camera CORE

The high value CORE series provides the specifications required to deliver a simple and scalable system at a competitive price. The 4MP CORE cameras come with 64GB of in-built edge storage with a range of other useful features to build your video surveillance solution.

Video is recorded on the camera’s built-in SD card. Video recordings can also be stored on an external network drive. The range includes a 2.8mm mini-bullet, mini-dome, and turret. All are 4MP cameras with 0.003 Lux industry leading low light performance and 64GB of in-built edge storage. The mini-dome has a IK10 rated metal exterior for those who need a more robust solution.

Vari-Focal Bullet Camera PRO series

Simple, secure and flexible installation possible – no NVR or other hardware is required as video is processed on the camera and can be stored either on the pre-installed 256GB SD card or sent directly to any network location. Paxton10 camera range features stunning low light performance, inbuilt IR, 4K resolution and PoE power. High-performance PRO series are top-end video recorders that take building surveillance to the next level. The range includes a 2.8mm mini-bullet, vari-focal bullet and turret. All three 8MP cameras in the range capture footage in crystal clear 4K HD.

Entry Standard Monitor

The 2nd generation Entry Standard monitor is an audio/video monitor used to remotely communicate with visitors, and is installed as part of an Entry system. It is powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) and communicates with the other elements of the system using IPv6, providing ‘plug and play’ installation.

The only configuration required is the allocation of a monitor ID which the system uses to identify the correct monitor. The monitor ID is the number that a visitor will call to request entry (unless they are using a text only list) so it should relate to the location of the monitor, e.g. Flat Number.

Audio monitor

Entry door system works standalone or alongside Paxton’s Net2 Access Control or Paxton10, combining door entry with key features of access control software. Entry consists of 3 components that auto-detect on set up; external panel, interior monitor and door control unit. Entry is a plug and play solution that comes with a range of panel options and is suitable for a wide variety of sites. Entry Audio Monitor comes with or without a handset, can be wall or desk mounted, and can be used via handset for private calls or in hands-free mode.

Entry – Standard panel

Robust door entry panel incorporating both door entry and access control functions. It is powered using power over Ethernet (PoE) and communicates with the other elements of the system using IPv6, providing plug-and-play installation. You can either run your own wired network or share the building’s existing data, with permission.

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Paxton offer an extensive list of products from Net2, Paxton10, Entry, Compact, Switch2, BLUE and PaxLock. Simply contact us to discuss further options.

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