High-tech access control

High-tech access control solutions and devices ideal for hospitality, healthcare and education sectors. Omnitec solutions are most popular for hotels, with their extensive range including electronic locks, access control, electronic cylinders, energy saving, management software, safes and minibars. Range of access control solutions for indoor or outdoor use. Easy to install and with the possibility of adding online functions to increase security and user control. We can supply and install in new-builds, or retrofit to support refurbished spaces, as well as offer maintenance servicing support.

Electronic locking

Choice of electronic locks with customisable designs – designed for new doors, with a configuration allowing a free choice of handle, with all mechanisms, electronics and batteries located inside the door, a reader and customisable keyholes. Audit trial recording openings, opening attempts, exits etc. with the audit synchronised with the front desk PC. Convenient remote opening and management by including gateways in installation.

Compact Wall Reader

Compact Access Control MiFare proximity wall reader for common areas and entrances of hotels and buildings where an electronic lock cannot be installed. This discreet access control reader device is integrated with Omnitec software and allows total control over all the access points. Access control designed for use in access to common areas like entrances, lifts, conference rooms etc.


Sleek, electronic cylinders modernise doors locking. Easy to install and adapt to any type of previous lock or obsolete technologies. Simply disassemble the old lock and install an Omnitec electronic cylinder. Convenient and fast security – lock from Omnitec opening via Bluetooth, MIFARE proximity and/or remotely through connectivity via the gateway.


Simple, practical and secure locker management system ideal for keeping belongings safe in hotels, health centres, gyms, colleges and universities as well as offices. Locker options available can be installed in lockers, cabinets, drawers with fast and simple installation. Compatible with various materials like wood, sheet metal, plastic and phenolic.

Energy saver

Omnitec prioritises its commitment to the environment with energy-saver products helping to save energy in hotels, residences, universities and offices. Options include – [1] built-in energy saver that is activated with any card, operates with MIFARE cards and [2] smart energy saver that activates the electric installation with just the room’s own MIFARE card. Its two relays are activated, or not, depending on the guest or service credentials, and [3] wireless energy saver works in conjunction with the wireless motion, door and window sensors in those facilities where the room is accessed via smartphone, with all-inclusive wristband, key ring or card etc.

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