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Paxton products harness the latest technology offering powerful, easy-to-install and scalable solutions. Access control and security solutions by Paxton are designed for a wide range of sectors including education, healthcare, leisure, commercial, the public sector and more. Excellent range of solutions from wireless door handles, readers and keypads, entry panels and monitors, cameras and more. Solutions available for both internal and external use. Paxton’s flexible approach allows you to integrate with other building systems, if required.

We supply, install and provide maintenance support services too. Our skilled engineers hold extensive knowledge and experience of working with Paxton. For added reassurance, Paxton offer 5-year guarantee on all their products.

Aperio E100 Escutcheon

Popular choice for internal doors receiving medium to high traffic. These certified DIN/EN escutcheons offer a convenient combination of free exit from the insight with automatic locking on closure from outside. An inbuilt LED provides instant lock status visualisation. Available in standard and premium versions, both with privacy and PINpad options. Aperio E100 Premium Escutcheon complies with requirements for many buildings – universities, healthcare and commercial where products must be certified to DIN or EN standards. Aperio PINpad adds multi-factor authentication to the Aperio E100 Escutheon. This version offers three different levels of authentication: PIN only, RFID only or PIN+RFID.

SMARTair Wall Reader Openow

SMARTair® wired wall readers with RFID reader are suitable for automated doors, turnstiles, barriers, elevators or any access in which the locking or blocking element is an automatism. The wall reader incorporates a relay and a control unit which manages both the reader and the relay.

Hardware compatibility and installation allows SMARTair wall reader to be combined with electromechanical devices to unlock the door (e.g., electric strike plates, electromagnetic locks or escape routes). Real-time clock and calendar with 30 time zones and 5 time periods (weekdays and holidays selectable).

SMARTair Electronic Lock Euro profile

SMARTair i-volution combines the advanced access control features of the electronic escutcheon with the intelligence and superior security of the electromechanical lock. It includes the external reader module, the internal control and battery module, and the battery powered electromechanical mortise lock. The three components are always together supplied. The handle must be added separately. In case of need, a mechanical cylinder can be installed, for mechanical emergency openings.

SMARTair Electronic knob cylinder Euro profile

A knob cylinder with a renewed design. High robustness with a contemporary design, including a sophisticated warning LED. For doors equipped with traditional mechanical mortise locks. Wooden or metallic narrow profile doors. Installation without any wiring and without the need to make any hole on the door. Just replacing the existing mechanical cylinder with a knob cylinder. Ideal for doors where the installation of the SMARTair escutcheon is more difficult or simply impossible. It can be installed even in glass doors.

Aperio Server Cabinet Lock

Designed to integrate seamlessly with existing access control systems and protect critical assets from intrusion and expensive downtime. The HES KS100 supports HID multiCLASS SE® contactless credentials and uses local wireless communication between the lock and an Aperio hub to provide real-time monitoring and managed access to server cabinet doors that protect against malicious attacks or tampering

Controller Unit

The LCU can control up to 16 doors/32 card readers. LCU9016 will integrate seamlessly in the net¬work and take advantage of existing DNS and DHCP servers. LCU9016 is equipped with memory to handle over 100,000 cards and over 1000 schedules, day-types and other settings. A separate log-event memory can store more than 30 000 log-events. The LCU9016 can work stand alone in the case of a network failure. Card holders will get access to doors according to normal rules and log events are stored locally. When the network comes back up the stored log events are transmitted to the server automatically.

ARX Control Unit for one Door

A control unit for the ARX system that is connected directly to an existing TCP/IP network. The Control unit handles a complete door environment and connections for reader, electrical lock, exit button and door monitor switches. The security is the highest possible since the control unit is using a communication solution with PKI certificate and SSL encryption, patented by ASSA.

Aperio Communication Hub

A communication hub providing a wireless connection with up to eight doors, suitable for interior doors, this hub is particularly practical for hallways with a number of adjacent corridors.

SMARTair i-gate padlock

SMARTair i-gate is a new, contemporary design including wireless online, RFID and BLE connectivity and a sophisticated warning LED. Special for gates, closets, cabinets etc. Ideal for any door where it is impossible to install an escutcheon, cylinder or wall reader. Battery-powered and protected special cover keeps the padlock completely secure against any weather conditions.

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