The benefits of sliding door systems and why you need them

Commercial sliding doors are ones which open in a horizontal way and are usually attached to a wall. These sliding door systems  are used in a variety of applications so they must be durable and robust to withstand their use and function.

Variations of design exist to ensure they appeal on many scales and for different industrial applications. For example hidden sliding doors are available, which are clever inventions, allowing them to blend with the existing environment to ensure that they are not immediately or obviously noticeable. Sliding doors are useful for commercial purposes because they allow the entrance area to be open and closed reliably, whilst also being energy efficient and giving greater access to space. Sliding doors now comprise of high safety standards and security, whilst still ensuring that quality or design is not compromised.

Pocket sliding door systems can be ideal for smaller spaces, with some estimates stating that these sliding door systems can improve room space by as much as 10% in some cases.


Our Novista sliding door systems are made to ensure that its aluminium frame is not seen when the door is closed, thus making a perfect hidden sliding door.


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