XS4 Geo |

    XS4 Geo - EU European profile cylinder


    • SALTO SVN and SALTO Wireless network capable.
    • All communication between the carrier and the electronic cylinder is encrypted and secured.
    • The batteries can be replaced without cylinder removal.
    • Optical signalling through light ring. Dual colour green/red to indicate access authorisation. Acoustic signal optional.
    • Equipped with anti-drilling protection.
    • Optional torx screw to tighten the knob and convert the cylinder on a fixed knob cylinder.
    • Emergency opening via portable programming device (PPD).
    • AMOK function adds a safe outside override even if the inside cylinder thumbturn is manually blocked.


    • Thickness available from 40mm up to 370mm (special body length available for glass doors).
    • Plus plug options (+5mm / +10mm) for doors where cylinders needs additional length between the knob and the body.
    • Different cam options:
      •     European profiles DIN 15mm.
      •     Cog wheel: 10 tooth cam and 13 tooth cam.
      •     Spain: 13,2mm for metal doors.
    • Versions for glass doors available.
    • Modular cylinder body assembly on standard configuration option available.
    • Available with 2 different locking thumbturns on the inside to operate the cam.
    • Anti-panic function available.


    • ROM
    • SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data-on-card
    • SALTO Wireless real-time access control