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Security Locks



  • PAS24 tested as part of the Aspex Proshield doorset
  • Automatic locking eliminates the requirement to lift the handle to lock the door
  • When the door is closed the two solid hooks automatically throw into the keeps
  • The door is deadlocked using a thumb turn on the inside and a key from the outside and these operate an additional deadbolt
  • Suitable for doors up to 2800mm high
  • Two 25mm tensile steel chamfered hooks top and bottom plus a central latch and deadbolt
  • Attractive adjustable keeps with a return lip and back box
  • Tested to 100,00 cycles
  • 55mm backset and 72mm centres
  • Suitable for through fixed lever handles
  • Police Secured by Design accredited
  • Suitable for both FD30 and FD60 fire rated doorsets
  • Available and colour to match the door or ironmongery finish (a minimum quantity applies.



Option One – To open the door the key or turn are rotated and the lever handle then depressed and this withdraws the bolts. With this configuration when the door closes it does not automatically lock allowing people to re-enter their property without using a key.

Option Two – The operation in this configuration is the same as option one however from the outside the first rotation of the key will withdraw the centre deadbolt and the second rotation withdraws the rest of the bolts.


The multipoint lock can operate electronically with either a Salto handle set or a hard wired access control system with a wall reader and these options are covered by the PAS24 test evidence.