Guide Rail Door Closer |

Guide Rail Door Closer

These door closers have a non-projecting guide rail arm.

The linear drive mechanism cam action ensures that the resistance encountered when opening the door decreases almost instantly with the opening action.

These door closers are therefore ideal for use on schemes where small children, the elderly, and disabled people will require access through the doors.

• Backcheck, variable power, delayed action, hold open, & electro magnetic hold open options available

• Adjustable closing speed and latch action

• CE Marked & Certifire approved

• These door closers, when fitted with the correct seals and hinges, will comply on certain door widths with the requirements of BS 8300 & Approved Document M (please consult our technical department for more information)

    44009 – fixed power door closer

    – Fixed power size EN 3

    – Suitable for interior doors up to 950mm wide

    – Tested & approved to EN 1154 Classification

    – Only suitable for inward opening doors



    44008 – adjustable power door closer

    – Adjustable power size EN 2-4

    – Suitable for interior doors up to 1100mm wide

    – Tested & approved to EN 1154 Classification 4.8.4/



    44007 – adjustable power backcheck delayed action door closer

    – Adjustable power size EN 2-5

    – Adjustable backcheck (can be deactivated)

    – Adjustable delayed action (can be deactivated)

    – Suitable for interior & exterior doors up to 1250mm wide

    – Tested & approved to EN 1154 Classification 4.8.5/



    44006 – electromagnetic hold open door closer

    These door closers have all of the same features of the standard 44008, but also incorporate an electromagnetic hold open device within the guide rail that automatically releases in the event of a fire.

    – Selectable hold open angle between 80 & 120 degrees

    – Exact hold open can be achieved with no fall back or creep

    – Power supplied to the arm so a power loop is not required

    – The force required to manually pull the door off the hold open mechanism can be adjusted

    – Tested & approved to EN 1155 Classification 4.8.5/2 or 7/



    44003 – electromagnetic free swing door closer

    This door closer has all of the same features as the 44006; however, the operation is free swing.

    This means that the door will function the same way as a door without a closer until the fire alarm is activated, when it will self close.

    Fixed power size 4 only for doors up to 1100mm wide.