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    Vision Panels

    Integra Doorsets can be provided with a whole host of different glazed vision panels. These are an attractive feature but, more importantly, they provide visibility through the door to avoid collisions with users on the other side.

    Eight standard vision panel configurations are available for the Integra Doorsets, and these are suitable for fire and acoustic rated doorsets.


    To comply with the requirements of BS8300, a ‘minimum zone of visibility’ must be provided, as detailed in the drawings.

    Other styles, shapes, and sizes are available, provided that on fire rated doorsets they are within the parameters of our classification.

    Security glass is also available, which has been tested to the different levels of EN356, and which replicates a sustained attack with a hammer or even an axe. This glass is therefore suitable for use on projects such as prisons and mental health units.


    Glazing Beads

    Traditional ‘hockey stick’ or flush glazing beads can be used with all of the vision panel options. These are manufactured from hardwood, and stained to match the veneered door or primed for on-site painting.