Integrated Finger Protection |

Integrated Finger Protection

This finger safe system makes it almost impossible for small fingers to become trapped, thanks to the unique design.

The sleek design of the system integrates perfectly with the door and frame, making it the most unobtrusive finger protection system available.

The aluminium profile that fits onto the edge of the door has an integral pivot and top centre for single or double action doors. If the doors are required to self-close, a standard overhead door closer can be used on single swing doors, and a floor spring or transom closer on double swing doors.

• Suitable for single or double action doors

• Fire tested for use with FD30 or FD60 fire rated doors

• Can be integrated with a 46009 floor spring or 47009 transom closer for double action doors

• Tested to 1.5 million cycles

• Suitable for doors up to 120kg

• Acoustic rated up to 38dB (Glazed doors)

• Severe duty DD171


• The opening angle must be limited to 100 degrees

• The standard floor pivot will accommodate an undercut of between 5mm and 13mm, and if a larger one is required the ‘long stem’ pivot should be used, which is adjustable between 5mm and 25mm

    Single Swing FD30

    Single Swing FD60

    Double Swing FD30

    Double Swing FD60