Aluminium Panic Latches & Bolts |

Aluminium Panic Latches & Bolts

These heavy duty surface mounted panic latches have a sleek and elegant design.

The panic latch and bolt have Pullman type latches and these help to ensure that when the door closes, it re-locks.

• Life cycle tested to 200,000 operations

• Suitable for doors up to 1220mm wide & 2440mm high. Suffix ‘EH’ for doors between 2440-3050mm high

• Hex key dogging as standard

• EN179 & EN1125 Classification Number

• CE marked


SAA Satin Anodised Aluminium

    Push Pad Panic Latch

    51114 – push pad panic latch

    Single Panic Bolts

    51111A – panic bolt for doors 400-1000mm wide

    51111C – panic bolt for doors 1000-1300mm wide

    Panic Latches

    51112A – panic latch for doors 400-1000mm wide

    51112C – panic latch for doors 1000-1300mm wide

    Outside Access Devices

    51131 – for 51111 panic latch & 51112 panic bolt