PAS24 Entrance Doorsets



The Aspex ProShield Doorset meets all of the requirements of PAS24, and has been specifically designed for apartments and student bedroom entrances where security, fire, and noise reduction performance are of paramount importance.


The doorsets also meet the requirements of Approved Document M for clear opening widths, and by using our high quality door closer, they will also comply with the maximum opening force requirement.



The door leaf is constructed from a severe duty core tested to DD171, which is lipped on all four edges and is available to suit a structural opening size of up to 2400mm high and 1050mm wide.

The door is available in a wide range of attractive finishes including a variety of veneers and laminates, and is also primed for on-site painting.

Acoustic rated doors are supplied with an automatic drop seal, which is fitted into the bottom of the door.




The door frames are manufactured from hardwood, and can either be supplied to match the veneer finish of the door or primed for on-site painting.

The overall frame height, when using a 2040mm high door, is 2095mm high, and the width is the door leaf size plus 96mm, which includes a 10mm allowance for installation.

The frames are supplied with a fire intumescent strip and a separate acoustic and smoke seal that has a low resistance, ensuring compliance with ADM opening force requirements. These strips are supplied loose with primed frames and fitted into finished ones.





The doorsets have been tested to BS 476 part 22 and are available as NFR, FD30 & FD60.

All fire rated doorsets are manufactured under the stringent BWF Certifire scheme.




The doorset has been tested to BSENISO 140-3:1995 and has an acoustic rating of 32RwdB. The door is supplied with a factory fitted drop down seal.



Door Furniture


The cylinder is protected by a high security solid stainless steel escutcheon, which means that levers on round roses can be used, and these can be coordinated with the ones on the internal doors.

The locking system can work in two ways:


Lever/Lever – With this option, a lever handle is installed on both sides on the door, which means that when the door closes, though the top and bottom bolts will automatically engage, if the lever is depressed, the door can be opened. To lock the door, the turn or key is used to throw the central deadbolt and deadlock the top and bottom ones.


Lever/Knob – With this option, a lever handle is installed on the inside and a fixed dead knob on the outside, which means that when the door closes and the top and bottom bolts engage, the door can only be opened from the outside by using a key. The lever handle will open the door from the inside, and again the turn or key can be used to throw the central deadbolt and deadlock the top and bottom ones.



The Integra ProShield Doorset is supplied with a high security multipoint lock that automatically locks the door when it closes.

The advantage of this is that, unlike conventional locks, the lever handle does not have to be lifted to lock the door, which can be a difficult operation, especially for the elderly or disabled.

A high security cylinder with an internal thumbturn is used to operate the lock, and these are Anti Bump and BSI Kitemarked.


The additional ironmongery items listed can also be supplied with the doorset:

  • Door guard or chain
  • Door viewer
  • Letter plate
  • Concealed or surface mounted door closer
  • Numerals

Access Control


The Integra ProShield Doorset has also been tested to PAS24 in conjunction with the Salto access controlled handle sets, allowing the doors to be access controlled.



The doorsets are supplied with the door pre-hung in the frame on three hinges, or alternatively, our concealed adjustable hinge can be used, which is completely invisible when the door is closed.


The Aspex Living range gives you the choice of putting your own individual style on the doorsets, to complement and enhance the living space for your project.

Our real wood veneers are available in a range of attractive ‘natural’ highly decorative finishes.