In an ideal situation, riser doors will rarely be used. The Novista Steel door set system is designed to be ‘lost’ in a core wall and to allow the designer more freedom to use the surface area. No need for the unsightly architraves used with traditional doors.

Furthermore, the enhanced performance properties of steel risers allow the product to be used in high-performance areas of a building (core areas or lift lobbies etc), typically giving up to FD120  fire and 41dB sound performance.

The other key part of the door set is its face finish (as the riser is normally kept shut). Aspex Novista have developed a market-leading primer, endorsed by major paint supplier’s, improving the robustness of the surface finish and enabling the adjoining wall finish to also be applied across the face of the riser door, be this emulsion or wallpaper. There is also the option of a full PPC finish to any RAL colour.

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NBS Specification

Novista Risers typically incorporate a robust 4 sided frame (3 sided is an option) folded from 1.2mm steel with an integral concealed pivot hinge arrangement. The frame (and leaf) is manufactured to suit the structural opening measurements from the site. Full installation guides are available on this website. The leaf has a three-point locking arrangement using either a square key and/or cylinder.

Novista Riser Steel Introduction Video

Beaded frame

The beaded frame option (standard) allows the plaster wall finish to run across the face of the frame and giving the concealed, flush effect that designers regularly specify.

Picture frame

The picture frame is typically used on an unfinished block or brick wall. It forms a neat and minimal frame to an uneven surface.

Easy assembly


The frame can be assembled in a matter of minutes using our unique connecting system. Once completed, this is very rigid and ready for installation into the wall.




The Novista Riser steel system is available as a single, double, triple or quadruple doorset ensuring that the opening size can be maximised.

The single and double doorsets area also available with a three-sided frame that has no threshold allowing easy uninterrupted access into rooms with no unsightly frame underneath the door.



The doors are locked using a three point locking system that has top, bottom, and side bolts operated by a square key.

A europrofile cylinder can also be added to provide additional security, and can be integrated into a master key system if required.


The Novista Steel Riser door leaf is hung on a bottom pivot. At the top, a sprung loaded pin locates into a hole in the frame head, making it easy to install even if it is very tall.

To remove the door leaf, the top pin is retracted and this can then be lifted off the bottom pivot.

Door Restrictor

  • Supplied fitted or can be retro-fitted
  • Prevents door from opening further than 90° to eliminate the chance of creases on the door face
  • Quick-release clip to allow the leaf to be taken off when required



The Novista Riser steel system has been 2 hour fire tested by BM Trada to EN1634 for door leafs up to 2850mm high and 1000mm wide for singles, 2000mm wide for doubles, and 3000mm for triples.



The seals provided with the Novista Riser steel system ensure that the doorset meets the smoke leakage performance requirements of BS9999 when tested in accordance with BS 476 Pt 31.1: 1983.

Tested for up to 2 hours under conditions of EN1634 without compromising fire resistance.



The Novista Riser steel system is supplied with an insulated door leaf and seals as standard, which help to achieve our industry-leading standard acoustic rating of 41dBRw.





The Novista Riser Steel doorsets are supplied as standard primed for painting on site.

We have been working with Akzo Nobel to introduce a new priming process that under testing gives an ‘exceptional level of adhesion’ to the subsequent emulsion finish (where emulsion to the leaf is applied on site to match the adjoining wall finish).

If specifically required, the door set can be smooth PPC finished to any RAL colour. RAL 9010 and 9016 are standard.


Specified finishes can vary. Novista also hold fire test evidence for the use of fabric wallpaper to be used on the face of the leaf, again to match the surface finish of the adjoining wall.



The Novista Steel Riser Steel Doorset frames are supplied in sections for easy handling on site and can be assembled in a matter of minutes forming a rigid construction which can be fixed into either a stud or shaft wall which can be either skimmed or tape and jointed.

The doors leaves are supplied with the locks and hinges pre-fitted and are very simple and easy to install into the frames using the sprung pivots.