Novista Fire Certification

To ensure compliance with the fire certification, it is crucially important that the doorsets are manufactured correctly, and we operate an internal system that ensures that they are 100% suitable for the application where they are going to be used. Our customers, however, require greater confidence in our doorsets other than our declaration, and want independent evidence from a reputable source that they have been manufactured correctly and in accordance with the test evidence.

Novista Doorsets


The Novista range of doorsets is manufactured exclusively by Aspex, and we have carried out our own fire tests for these at Exova, the UKAS accredited testing company.


The Novista Riser steel doorsets are tested to FD120 and the timber doors to FD60. Full details on the configurations and sizes that are permitted are detailed in the Field of Application reports that have been produced by IFC.

Door Identification


The IFC certification scheme, IFCC for fire resistant doorsets, incorporates the labelling of each door with a tamper proof label, a fully traceable unique number, and regular audits to ensure that our doorsets are manufactured in accordance with the door core manufacturers’ fire test evidence.



These labels are tamper-proof and cannot be removed, and they provide assurance to both contractors and installers that the doorset provided and installed is the required fire rating for the location.

Project Assessments


In some instances, the architect’s design intent for the doorset may be outside the scope of the Global Assessment, and in these instances, we ask IFC to carry out a project specific assessment.
As part of this process, they analyse the fire test reports and the proposed design, and will either give us a straight yes or no or they may say yes provided the design is altered. They will also advise us on what configuration of intumescent is required.


If the answer is no, then a project specific fire test is required, which is something we can organise.



Of equal importance to ensuring that we have manufactured the doorset in accordance
with the fire test certification is that they are installed correctly.


Extensive instructions detailing how the different types of doorsets should be installed and how the gap between the wall and the frame should be filled are provided with each delivery, and are available to download from our website.
In conjunction with IFC, we also carry out one-day training sessions for installers that include a session on the importance of fire doors and a practical demonstration on how they should be installed.

Provided the course is successfully completed, they will become an approved installer of Aspex doorsets.



Once the project is completed and handed over to the client, it is critical that the information on how the doorset should be operated, and what maintenance is required, is passed on to them, and to facilitate this we provide detailed Operation and Maintenance manuals.