Investing in modern technology comes with a price, yet in the long run, it can save time for businesses and protect individuals.


As the use of electronic lock systems is continuing to grow, especially in the private rental sector, Aspex shares five reasons why more businesses should be shifting away from traditional keys and switching to an access control system.


  1. Cost

Though the initial cost of the electronic access-controlled lock is more than a conventional lock, the operating cards are a fraction of the cost of replacement keys and the lock can be reprogrammed rather than replaced, thus saving money.


  1. Smart and convenient

Using Bluetooth technology gives individuals more convenient ways to open doors. Access control systems are becoming a preferred choice for investors in the private rental sector as individuals can gain immediate access to a rented room quickly and conveniently through their smart phone via an app.


  1. Security

The knowledge that a previous resident cannot have a key for your home is reassuring, as is the thought that if you lose your card or phone, a new electronic key can be instantly issued.


  1. Design

Traditional hotel style access control lock systems can often lack aesthetic appeal which be an issue for apartment schemes where the look and design of a system is an important factor to consider. The new generation of systems are sleek, minimal and contemporary and can be tailored to suit individual projects.


  1. Simplified management

Access control systems are much easier to manage and maintain with upgrade and new features applied automatically and seamlessly. With no need for site visits by technicians, this saves time and money.




What’s next for access control systems?

Wireless technology and cloud-based systems are set to lead the way, with more companies providing a service rather than just a product. With access control systems, security is enhanced, costs are minimised, and individuals are protected – it’s a win-win situation all around.


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