The Aspex Living range gives you the choice of putting your own individual style on the doorsets, to complement and enhance the living space for your project.

Our real wood veneers are available in a range of attractive ‘natural’ highly decorative finishes.

We offer two types of veneer cutting methods, to create two aesthetically different appearances:

  1. Crown cut – the half log is sliced parallel to the line through the centre of the log, giving a Crown or Heart shaped feature.
  2. Quarter cut – the log is sliced along the length, so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximate right angles, producing a vertical lined effect usually known as straight grain.

Our robust Laminate facings offer a myriad of design and application opportunities for a wide variety of environments.

We also have the option to provide a high gloss pre-finished door in white, or alternatively, we can offer a primed door for on-site painting.

We have selected a few of our more popular facings. However, should you want something different, please contact us to discuss the options.

We are able to offer technical support, design guidance, and cost-planning advice at all stages throughout the project. Please contact us to discuss further.